Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Benefits of buying property in Underconstruction

As involved often with buyers and investors to purchase properties in emerging great destination of PUNE City, Maharashtra and thought to share interesting information about many benefits of buying property in Under construction stage which will surely help again many to take decision to purchase property soon, the list of benefits are as follows:
  • New Property : if you buy property in under construction then you will get absolutely new unused property which is always desirable by every one and gives great good feelings.
  • hassle free documentation : It is again great advantage of buying under construction property that there will be quite a less documentation required.
  • Less legal checking required : Builder gets mostly all legal checks done of it's property ready in advance before offering to purchasers so this way many documents like search & title reports and other documents are not required to go through in buying under construction property.
  • longer payment plan or breathing period : this is again obvious that if you buy under construction property, you will get longer payment plan as you will be paying as per the stages of construction.
  • Alteration/ modifications can be done in property : property in under construction, allows customization of the property permissible technically but this adds great benefit as minor changes or addition in plumbing, electricals & fittings gives great convenience once property is ready for use.
  • Fast & Easy to get bank finance : mostly under construction property is pre approved from all banks which gives fast approval of bank loan and easy process of implementing it.
  • option to choose : this is again very important benefit of buying property in underconstruction that there will be more options to choose as per the direction, views, size, area & floor so this way one can get best suitable property as per his/her requirements.
  • full support / assistance from builder & it's staff : when you buy property in underconstruction, the full staff of builder supports you to complete full process of buying property smoothly which involves various points co-ordination like payments, documentations, bank finance, approvals etc.
  • Depreciation will start late : although property always appreciate in price however this is also fact that it depreciates also with continuous usage and also technology changes as example for this is that earlier the lifts were not used to climb or older design of lifts were used but now new advance more sophisticated lifts are accommodated in new projects. also same way, taps quality, plumbing and electrical fittings have been continuously upgraded in new under construction properties.
  • More Amenities : more amenities like parks, jogging tracks, club house with swimming pools, tennis courts, squash court and some time golf course are now even offered in new underconstruction properties so buyer is not only buying property but also be a part of huge wonderful amenities.
  • early entry maximum profit : this is again proven already that if you wish to have maximum profit then buy property at the early stage of it's development so for investment also it is great to buy under construction property.
All above points are benefits subject to developer credentials and good track record of delivering as committed on time so surely this will again requires great insight to choose right developer and for that, services of professional brokering consultant will be a great help in it because nowadays, there are many projects going on by many developers at the same time and choosing/finding the right best opportunity is not that easy and buying a property is just a start point which will requires property management ie. managing, leasing, selling to reach the end point of earning and making profit out of it.

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